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Our People

Say hello to our tight-knit team! Like needle and thread, we know we can’t create the final product unless we work together. We support each other behind the machines, but also beyond the factory walls.


Women working together

At the heart of Hippo Rock lies the empowerment of women. To date, Hippo Rock employs 70 odd staff members of which 90% are women who are the breadwinners in their families. Although operating mostly in the Wellington and Paarl surrounding, Elizabeth also makes use of a taxi service to transport female staff who are based in Klapmuts and Malmesbury. Hippo Rock has not only provided Elizabeth with multiple business experiences and skills, but it has helped her realise her deeper purpose in life: to give women an opportunity to earn an income, using Hippo Rock as the safe and supported platform to do so.


Elizabeth Spies

Elizabeth Spies

CEO | Founder


Mariaan Beyers

Marketing Manager


Jaco Lubbe

HR Manager


Elishia Carstens

Floor Manager

10+ years Service


Alvira Mouton


Sharon Francis


Juliana Francke


Elaine Cloete